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Transitional Health Care


 CCA has developed a unique approach to providing product and services to the health care marketplace. We provide the Circle of Care model of delivery which includes the health care continuum (physicians, nurses, case managers, pharmacy, family members and more) with comprehensive patient analytics, telemedicine, and assessment data.  All supported by a job board model of real time connectivity.

Focus is on the Patient and Physician experience


 Our delivery model follows the “Hospital Without Walls model developed by Michael Mark in 2002, which uses real time job board technology to enhance the health care delivery model. CCA technology  will improve efficiency through real time results which extends the provider reach, patient access, improves revenue, outcomes and the patient experience.

Improved Bottom Line and Client Satisfaction


 At no other time in the history of the U.S. Health Care has there been a need for a CCA model of delivery .  Contact us and we will show you how we will improve your bottom line while assisting with improving your client experience.

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Care Coordination of America

42373 Anchor Court, Suite 102, Northville, Mi 48167

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